Karine Dumont is a musician and composer, working mostly on electroacoustic, experimental and improvised music.

She has been working for the last ten years with theatre companies producing original compositions.

After studying literature, she won a first prize for electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire of Marseille (France).
She took courses at IRCAM (Paris), at IMAL (Brussels), at Musiques et Recherches (Belgium) and documentary sound creation with Phonurgia Nova (Arles).

She composes mainly for the theater, including Cie Théâtre Inutile (Amiens), the Collectif La Glacière (Nantes), Ches Panses Vertes Company (Amiens), Skappa! (Marseille), Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes (Marseille) and Arts Nomades (Lessines, Belgium).

She created in Marseille the « Collectif 201 » with composers, improvisers and performers and electroacoustic works mainly around the sensors and interactive sound installations.

She is also developing the "kala lunatic project" in sets of live electronic and radiophonic improvisations.

She keeps on searching new forms of musical composition, particularly in the field of free improvisation (soprano saxophone, electronic instruments) and focusing on crosses between different artistic disciplines.

As an actress, she’s been following courses with french puppeteers as François Lazaro (Clastic Theatre) or Sylvie Baillon (Cie Ches Panses Vertes).
Recently she has been performing as a puppet operator in Yaga’s Fire by the Buchinger’s Boot marionettes.